About Speed Skating

About Speed Skating

Speed skating is a great sport to keep fit, have fun and satisfy your need for speed! Speed skating, like all major sports in Canada, is now organized into levels according to Sport for Life’s Long Term Athlete Development Model.

  • Active Start (AS): skaters younger than 6 years
  • Fundamentals (FUNd): female 6-8 years; male 6-9 years

These levels focus on learning basic skating skills and skaters may participate in mini-meets at their club and in their region.

  • Learn to Train (L2T): female 8-11 years; male 9-12 years
  • Train to Train (T2T): female 12-14 years; male 13-15 years

Skaters at these levels may participate in regional and provincial competitions with qualifying T2T skaters advancing beyond BC to the Canada West Championships (Short Track).

After T2T, skaters may compete for fun (Competitive for Life – C4L) or choose a more competitive stream: ISU Junior and Senior.

As opportunities come up to attend different meets, information will be sent out to parents. There is no obligation to attend any meets.

Equipment Information

Safety is a priority and as skaters progress, full safety equipment is required for practice and to compete. The BC Speed Skating “Required Equipment” webpage has excellent information on equipment for beginner skaters (top of page) to standard equipment for competitive skaters (scroll down to mid page).