Program Information

Program Information

Skaters participate in one of three KSSC Groups. Skaters typically remain in the same Group for the whole season but may be invited to move up a Group on an individual basis. KSSC may run special programs through the year as needed- see below for details.

Group 1: Fundamentals (Learn to Speed Skate)

This is a one day per week program which focuses on learning basic speed skating skills through drills and playing games. Group 1 skaters are typically new to speed skating and may range in age from 6 years old to adult. Fun mini-meets are held at the club during the season for our Group 1 skaters. All sessions are staffed by a certified NCCP coach and assisted by junior coaches to maintain a high coach to athlete ratio. Group 1 sessions run in two blocks through the season: September to December and January to March. Skaters may choose to register for both blocks.

Group 2: Learn to Train/Train to Train

This two day per week program builds on the fundamental skills learned in Group 1. Skaters may participate in pre-ice dryland exercises as well as invitational meets if so desired. Group 2 skaters may range in age from 8 years old to adult. Group 2 sessions run from September to March.

Group 3: Train to Train/ISU Jr

Participation in Group 3 is by invitation only and includes on ice sessions three days per week as well as a dryland component. Focus is on refining technique, developing strength and endurance, and competing. This group also includes Okanagan Regional Training Centre Athletes. Group 3 on-ice sessions run primarily from September to March with an off-season training program from May to August.

Special Program- Try It [Fall 2016]

The Try It program is great for anyone looking to venture into the sport of speed skating. Sessions run September 19th, 21st, 26th, 28th. Try It skaters can apply the program fee towards a regular program if skater subsequently joins the club.

Special Program- Adult Learn to Speed Skate [Fall 2016]

Adults who are new to speed skating- this is the program for you! KSSC will be running an Adult Learn to Speed Skate program on Mondays from September 26th-November 14th (inclusive). Note that experienced adults may skate with KSSC in Group 1, 2 or 3 (by invitation only).